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OPEN CALL | What if Lab: Safety Matters

18 July 2019

Are you interested in co-creation and exploring new perspectives for a safe society in the future? Do you like to work with partners and experts within the What if Lab to make consequences tangible and comprehensible, as well as transform concepts into possible new policies for municipalities? Make sure to apply for this What if Lab with VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities).

Municipalities have an important umbrella function in ensuring a safe living environment. As a consequence of this, they often have to tackle complex issues employing current methods that sometimes fall short. Designers are specialised in offering new perspectives, which is why the VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities) has organised, in collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation (DDF), the What if Lab: What if we see safety as a collective duty?
The What if Lab will be exhibited at DDW19 as part of the new World Design Embassies programme (WDE) and the Embassy of Safety.
It is a ‘Living Lab’ concerned with municipal safety issues. How can design contribute to a society in which people feel safe? The municipalities involved, design studios, safety experts and DDW visitors come together to investigate and experiment with this during DDW and to make the developments tangible for and with the public.
Does this strike a chord with your studio? Are you interested in exploring new perspectives for the future with partners and experts within the What if Lab and to make consequences tangible and comprehensible and, in co-creation, transform concepts into possible new policies?

Read the complete briefing and conditions for participating here.