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Visit the ABN AMRO Game Changers at DDW19

01 October 2019

Game Changers,<br /> ABN AMRO
“Design a product that solves an everyday problem and that also helps to reduce the ecological footprint.” Last spring ABN AMRO set ten designers to work with these instructions.

This summer, a panel of judges comprising bankers and sustainability experts selected four winning designs that they felt were true game changers. You can visit them at the ABN AMRO’s Game Changers Experience at Ketelhuisplein during the Dutch Design Week to see and experience the winning designs.  Curious about the four designs? Get a first impression of these game changers below.

Transformer Table - Adrianus Kundert

As products age and suffer wear and tear, they are often thrown out. But what if we considered the aging process in a positive light instead, and incorporated it into the design? With that concept in mind, Adrianus Kundert has designed the Transformer Table: as the table ages, the wear and tear reveals striking new layers and patters. This exciting new approach extends the product’s life.

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Poma / Olera - House of Thol

The average person throws away 41 kilos of food every year. An important factor that contributes to this number is because the food is not stored properly. House of Thol has designed a storage container to prevent food wastage. Offering a smart way of storing fruit and vegetables, it keeps your food fresh for longer.

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Candle - Jalila Essaïdi

Every year, more than 30 million kilos of fat finds its way into Dutch wastewater, from cosmetics and food. That fat is then destroyed at water treatment works. But what if that fat was re-used instead? Jalila Essaïdi has designed candles made from waste fat. This smart upcycling idea gives new value to fat.

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Washing machine filter - MarcelvangalenDesign

Every time you use your washing machine, up to twenty million microfibres are washed into the sewer. MarcelvangalenDesign has designed a washing machine filter that traps these millions of tiny plastic fragments. Now that is a ‘clean’ wash!

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ABN AMRO and sustainability

Climate change. You can spend hours discussing it or you can simply take action. At ABN AMRO they act. To achieve the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, everyone needs to do their bit. What ABN AMRO can do as a bank is help their clients to switch to sustainable products and business models. Heating, for homes and offices, and electricity consumption are an important source of carbon emissions. ABN AMRO finances over 10% of the total floor space in the built-up environment in the Netherlands. Their ambition is to raise the average performance of all the properties that we finance to a Energy Label A by 2030. This is one way for a bank to have a major impact.

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