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Visit the What if Lab exhibition at DDW or in Indonesia

16 October 2019

Last October, 'What if Lab' challenged ten Dutch and Indonesian designers with the question: What if we could design our sustainable society together? These intercultural projects will now be exhibited simultaneously in the Netherlands, during DDW at Klokgebouw, and in Indonesia during the Bandung Design Biennial!

Five Indonesian and five Dutch designers started a unique collaboration in October last year, in which they researched in teams a number of major design questions that characterize Indonesia today. Together they developed new solutions for complex issues in the field of sustainable education, biomaterials, clean air and resilient neighbourhoods.

Smart concepts and new prototypes will be presented in the exhibitions, in order to actively contribute to a sustainable future. After an earlier exhibition in Jakarta, these intercultural projects are now being exhibited again. In the Netherlands it can be found at DDW in the Klokgebouw, and in Indonesia as part of the Bandung Design Biennale.

Where to go and when?

  • Eindhoven: Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw 50, 19–27 October 2019
  • Bandung: Gallery Soemardja Institut Teknologi Bandung, 17-30 October 2019 

Meer informatie over What if Lab: the sustainable society vind je hier (deze informatie is alleen Engelstalig beschikbaar).

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