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The Scene is Here performance programme announced

16 October 2019

What can light do to you during a boxing bout? What do smart electronic devices look like on the inside? And how can you contribute to a collective clothing collection? These questions play a role in various performances that are part of ‘The Scene is Here’. Every form is covered: from workshops, lectures and LARP to a letter-writing campaign.

In The Scene is Here at MU, the Creative Industries Fund NL presents all the designers and makers who received a talent development grant from the Fund in 2019. By means of one-minute film portraits and unique performances, you are introduced to a group of talented people who are characterized by a combination of boldness and modesty, and who respond to current and urgent issues in a self-confident way, often in collaboration with scientists, specialists or the industry. For instance, Daria Kiseleva, who trained as a typographer, reflects in a live essay on a world in which not we but algorithms, databases and ‘training sets’ determine what normal and desired behaviour is. Or artist Mirte van Duppen, who takes you along in her poetic research into the automation of Dutch agriculture and questions how man and machine still relate to each other.
Curious about who will do what and when? Take a look here at the performance programme of The Scene is Here.