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Check out Biobasecamp at Tegenlicht tonight (in Dutch)!

20 October 2019

The Netherlands faces a paradoxical challenge: to build more and emit less. Does building with wood offer the solution? Tonight (Sunday 20 October) at 21.00 hrs you will see an example of building with wood in Tegenlicht on NPO 2: Biobasecamp, a pop-up project as part of World Design Embassies on Dutch Design Week (DDW).

The Netherlands faces a paradoxical challenge: to build more and emit less. In order to solve the housing shortage, more than one million homes will have to be built in the Netherlands by 2050. But with our current way of building (mainly with concrete) this exceeds environmental standards. Can building with wood be the solution? In the television show Tegenlicht by Dutch public broadcaster NPO, this vision is explored. Biobasecamp, a project of the Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building and part of World Design Embassies, is one of the examples in Tegenlicht.

The pavilion, which can be found on Ketelhuisplein at DDW, gives architectural expression to the contribution that 'building with trees' can make to the reduction of CO2 and the reduction of nitrogen by replacing conventional building materials such as concrete with bio-based materials. From 19-27 October you can already get a glimpse of the possibilities of building with wood. 

  • When & Where? Tonight at 21:00hr at Tegenlicht on NPO2.
  • Can't make it? No worries, you can go and check out Biobasecamp all week long, as it will be part of DDW at Ketelhuisplein till Sunday 27 October. 

Founding partners of Biobasecamp: Studio Marco Vermeulen, Derix, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Floriade, Arup, Dutch Design Foundation.

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