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Kiki van Eijk on show at Coachella

13 January 2020

Kiki van Eijk
Dutch Kiki van Eijk has been invited by Coachella, one of America's most famous festivals, to make a large installation for the upcoming edition. The annual six-day festival offers access to almost one hundred thousand visitors and takes place in the desert of California.

Coachella, the American Walhalla for music, fashion and art will take place in the second and third weekend of April this year. The organisation already approached Kiki in June 2019, but finally confirmed her presence this last November. Coming April, she will present her own installation at the festival. According to Kiki a "once in a lifetime opportunity": "I feel extremely honoured and with this project I can present my work in all creative freedom as well as in a broad spectrum".

Kiki's work often arises out of a childlike astonishment for detail and use of colour. Although she is not yet allowed to reveal much about the design for Coachella, she does let us know that it will be a structure of more than ten meters high. The installation will be produced locally, and the production will start in mid-January. At the beginning of April she will go to America herself to finalise the installation, but until then she will supervise the process from a distance.

Kiki is known as an independent designer, but she is also one of the two faces behind the design studio Kiki&Joost, a studio she co-founded with her partner Joost van Bleijswijk in 2001. The duo recently opened a new studio on the site of the former Campina factory in Eindhoven. You can read more about that here