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Studio Drift on show in San Francisco

23 January 2020

Flylight by Studio Drift at Carpenters Workshop Gallery
From 17 January to 30 April, Studio Drift presents ‘DRIFT: About Nature, Technology and Humankind‘ as part of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in the former Saint Joseph’s Church in San Francisco, USA. In a multimedia exhibition, the duo explores the relationship between man, nature and technology.

The exhibition shows how advanced technology is used by designers to mimic existing natural phenomena. In an attempt to reconnect mankind to its natural environment, the former DDW ambassadors try to identify the underlying mechanisms of the natural world. For the occasion, large installations from Studio Drift's Flylight and Fragile Future III will be on display. Besides that, the exhibition includes a video installation of their project Franchise Freedom, which could be seen live earlier this year above the grounds of NASA’s Rocket Garden.