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DDW receives prize for accessibility for disabled visitors

11 February 2020

Sectie-C © Max Kneefel
Dutch Design Week (DDW) receives the Gouden Duim (ed. Golden Thumb), the prize for the best score on accessibility for disabled people, for the festival of 2019. The prize has been created by Stichting Platform Gehandicaptenbeleid Eindhoven (PGE) to stimulate events to be more considerate of disabled people.

In 2019, a number of events in Eindhoven were visited by volunteers of PGE and assessed on the accessibility, usability and safety of events for the disabled. DDW and GLOW, the annual light festival in Eindhoven, scored best on all of the above and therefore both received the Golden Thumb.

For the award, several elements were assessed. The suitability of the access route for wheelchairs and the readability of the signing for wheelchair users. Also, the availability of parking spaces for disabled visitors was taken into account. As was the presence of suitable toilets and assistance for people with a disability.

PGE is a volunteering organisation representing the collective interests of all Eindhoven residents with a physical disability and/or chronic illness. PGE wants everyone to be able to participate fully in social life and encourages event organisers to optimise accessibility to their event for disabled visitors.

This is the 2nd time that the thumbs are handed out by PGE. Last year DDW already won the Zilveren Duim (ed. Silver Thumb).