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Rem Koolhaas' Countryside exhibition on show at Guggenheim New York

27 February 2020

Installation: Countryside, The Future ©David Heald, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Until 14 August 2020, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will be hosting the exhibition Countryside, The Future. A collaboration with architect Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director of AMO.

For the exhibition Countryside, The Future, Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, director of AMO, the think tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), researched urgent issues surrounding the environment, politics and social economy. The exhibition is based on UN research and explores the radical changes in rural, remote and wild areas. The exhibition shows not only the challenges that rural areas face, but also the solutions that can be found to them.

Attention is also paid to modern developments in agriculture and horticulture, including artificial intelligence, robotisation and LED greenhouses, as well as developments in the field of agriculture and horticulture.

In connection with these subjects, the exhibition also features research by students of the Harvard Graduate School of Design; the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; Wageningen University, the Netherlands; and the University of Nairobi.

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