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Koert van Mensvoort and Katinka Versendaal at VPRO Tegenlicht

06 March 2020

VPRO Tegenlicht: Future Food © Koert van Mensvoort
On 16 March at 10 p.m. 'VPRO Tegenlicht': Future Food' will show you where our food comes from in 2040 and how it is prepared. Philosopher and former Dutch Design Week (DDW) ambassador Koert van Mensvoort, invites five guests at his table, including former 'driver' Katinka Versendaal, to present the menu of the future.

The boundaries of our global food system have been pushed far and wide. Worldwide, civil society organisations and policymakers such as the UN agree that it is time for change. Time for the development of sustainable forms of food production without exhausting natural resources and biodiversity. In this episode of VPRO Tegenlicht, Koert van Mensvoort and his five guests engage in a conversation about our food of the future, at the Table of the Future. One of these guests is food designer and former 'driver' Katinka Versendaal.

As an artist, technologist, philosopher, author of several books and former DDW ambassador, Koert can most definitely be considered a busy bee. He is best known for his Next Nature philosophy. A philosophy about our technological environment that has become so complex, intimate and autonomous over the years, that we have come to experience it as nature in its own right.

Food designer Katinka Versendaal started The Eatelier in 2015. In this experimental food design studio, she focuses on developing a sustainable, healthy and tasteful future for our food. She bridges the gap between scientific research, socio-cultural trends, technological innovation and the gastronomic world. You were able to experience this for yourself at her food experience dinners at DDW last year.

Besides, Katinka was a 'driver' at the 2019 edition of the catalyst programme Driving Dutch Design (DDD). An annual professionalisation programme for designers organised by ABN AMRO, the professional organisation Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF).