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Get financial help with voordekunst

07 April 2020

Organise a virtual workshop or sell your design samples. Voordekunst has organised an initiative for the makers and institutions that have suffered financially from the effects of the coronacirus. They can now start their own action campaign via voordekunst.

To ensure that art and culture can continue to be made now and in the future, voordekunst offers makers and institutions that are financially affected by the measures surrounding COVID-19 the opportunity to launch an action campaign.

Unlike a crowdfunding campaign, an action campaign has no target amount and no defined duration. In an action campaign, makers (ed. designers) offer special quid pro quos in exchange for a donation: such as a virtual workshop by a maker or selling samples.

This way, the action campaign can be used to temporarily generate extra income. Donors contribute to supporting the museum they are so eager to visit or the work of the designer they are so fond of. For more information, click here.