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A book by the "Drivers" of '19

19 June 2020

Every year, Dutch Design Foundation, ABN AMRO and the Dutch Designers' Association (BNO) select 20 talented designers for Driving Dutch Design, a programme to make entrepreneurs out of designers. The "Drivers" of 2019 have published a book about their adventure.

Book “The Driver: Driving Dutch Design”

In addition to the pitch event and the exhibition at DDW, the class of 2019 also published a book. In "The Driver: Driving Dutch Design" the designers introduce themselves, show their studio and share anecdotes about their participation. They also help the reader to get creative through Design Recipes. For example, how many teaspoons of stubbornness do you need for a good product? It also turns out that the path of a Driver is not paved with roses. In the chapter "Failing Forward" they discuss their biggest setbacks and failures.
Class of 2020
The 2020 edition of Driving Dutch Design currently is in full swing with new designers putting their own spin on the programme.

Driving Dutch Design

Driving Dutch Design is a programme of ABN AMRO, BNO and the Dutch Design Foundation that helps talented designers on their path towards entrepreneurship. During ten months, the selected designers, the Drivers, follow master classes in the field of profiling, financing, business operations, presentation and communication. In addition, each designers is paired with a personal development coach.