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Dutch Invertuals Academy

Dutch Invertuals Academy
The Eindhoven-based collective Dutch Invertuals, celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, is starting an online summer school for young professionals from 23 July to 30 August 2020.

Dutch Invertuals Academy is an intensive, online programme for young professionals interested in developing their skills and career. Whether you are a designer, concept developer, social researcher or a cabinetmaker, any critical thinker with a focus on design is welcome to apply. Once selected, you will be part of an international group of motivated designers and will receive personal guidance from experienced Invertuals.

At the Academy, the experienced designers of the collective will teach you how to get to the essence of issues through research, experiment and reflection. It is an opportunity to discover new ways of working, exchange knowledge, get inspired, and explore new materials. The final results will be presented at Dutch Design Week 2020 as part of an exhibition (live and virtual) designed by Dutch Invertuals.


The first instalment of this virtual summer school is centred around a theme: True Matter, which the collective describes as “an expression of the global shift from a careless to a caring attitude”.

“We are moving away from a careless, money-driven time of ‘hunting,’ towards a time of ‘caring’ with attention focused on our (local) environment. True Matter challenges you to work with raw materials from your local context. Play with your surroundings, not only in terms of resources, but also in terms of techniques, craftsmanship, and traditions. You will collect, build, redefine, combine, and experiment. Because participants join from all around the world, True Matter sheds a light on our local identities, but also gives us insight into what truly matters globally.”

Read more about the theme, the academy and application on dutchinvertualsacademy.nl.

Dutch Invertuals

Dutch Invertuals is a small team of Eindhoven-based designers and creatives who work with an international network of over eighty talented and passionate designers. During Dutch Design Week 2019 they organised a group-exhibition called “the Circle”, for which each individual designer presented a personal ode to, or interpretation of - you guessed it - the circle.