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Studio Truly Truly new art director of Leolux

28 June 2020

Kate and Joel Booy are Truly Truly.
Kate and Joel Booy of Studio Truly Truly are the new art directors of Leolux. The duo will be responsible for the overall story of the Dutch furniture brand. From the photography in the catalogue to the colours for the collection.

Studio Truly Truly came into being when Joel graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Both Kate and he worked as graphic designers in Brisbane, Australia before they moved to the Netherlands with their daughter. Leolux and Studio Truly Truly, both family businesses, are happy with their new collaboration. "The father of the current CEO positioned Leolux as a progressive brand in the 1990s. The desire to innovate is therefore deeply embedded in the company" tells Joel. Truly Truly shares that wish. " Leolux is a courageous brand. It has a long history of original and daring designs with brilliant colours and expressive shapes. We want to build on this tradition." Kate does add that nowadays not every piece of furniture has to be distinct. "There's now more room for nuance and detail."

Over the last five years, Studio Truly Truly has asserted itself in the design world with understated furniture that stands out for its bright colours and sharp contours. "What Truly Truly has in common with Leolux is the pursuit of originality. Although our style is somewhat more reserved. But that’s great, because we take each other out of our comfort zones and create a surprising identity that you still recognise as a Leolux.” says Kate.