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Food Heroes kicks off

Food Heroes is a European project in which Dutch Design Foundation cooperates with partners in the agri-food sector, creative industry and academic field to works on the reduction of food losses in the first parts of the food chain, focusing on 3 food sectors: seafood, meat and fruit & vegetables.

Core to the project will be to develop, test and implement 15 innovative solutions, involving at least 120 SME’s and 240 stakeholders, by using a co-creative methodology.

According the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) each year one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost. This is a huge waste of valuable resources. According to the FAO in Europe retail and consumers are responsible for 40% of food waste whereas the first parts of the food chain (production to processing) are responsible for 60%. The project Food Heroes will focus on finding ways to reduce food losses in these first parts of the food chain. 

The Food Heroes project will be presented during the World Design Event in Eindhoven, 21-29 October 2017, with an exhibition at the Embassy of Food, co-creation sessions and lectures.


Lead Partner: ZLTO. Partners: (Netherlands) provincie Noord-Brabant, Dutch Design Foundation, In Ovo, Greenco Packing, (Belgium) Innovatiesteunpunt, Flanders Food, Flanders DC, (Germany) Spessart Regional, Fachhochschule Fulda, (France) AC3A, Laval Mayenne Technopole, Technopole Quimper Cornouailles, (United Kingdom) Lincoln University, (Ireland) Irish Fishery Agency, Clean Technology Centre.


Food Heroes is supported by the European Regional Development Fund - Interreg North-West Europe