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Sabine Marcelis and Kiki van Eijk in Centraal Museum Utrecht

07 July 2020

Centraal Museum Utrecht adds chairs by Kiki van Eijk and DDW20 ambassador Sabine Marcelis to its collection. Sabine's SE 69 Soap Edition and Kiki's Puk SZ 19 are contemporary interpretations of two timeless designs by Dutch designer Martin Visser.

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Martin Visser's famous sofa bed, the BR 02, Centraal Museum Utrecht asked seven top Dutch designers to be inspired by designs by Martin Visser. Among them are several former DDW ambassadors, namely Marcel Wanders, Kiki Van Eijk (DDW 2012), Richard Hutten, Jan des Bouvrie, Carolina Wilcke & Reinier Bosch, Piet Hein Eek (DDW 2013) and Sabine Marcelis (DDW 2020).

Sabine and Kiki's chairs can currently be seen in the exhibition The eye opening sofa bed at Centraal Museum, together with the chairs on which they are based. The exhibition has been extended until 1 November.