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Open Call 'What if Lab: Unhindered participation'

16 July 2020

In the Netherlands there are about 2 million people who live with a visible or invisible disability and have to adapt on a daily basis, because shops are not always equipped and designed for them. As a result, some facilities are not (easily) accessible to them. Would you like to design for change? Apply for the newest What if Lab.

What if… retailers think and act from within an inclusive mindset?

We will have to look and think differently in order to set up shops that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone. Not only do we need to look at the dominant majority of users, but we also need to start talking to people with disabilities. This is the only way to serve the most inclusive group of customers possible.

For this What if Lab, together with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), we are looking for designers and design studios that want to work together with users through an inclusive design method and do not shy away from bringing a complex challenge back to an applicable solution. Besides VWS are also involved: INretail, Ieder(in), MKB - NL and HEMA.

Do you feel challenged and would you like to work with these partners to solve this problem and design an improved inclusive shopping experience with impact? The briefing contains all the information and conditions for participation. Check it out!

With questions regarding your application you can contact the team via