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Re-Value: follow the journey of the 'Drivers' of 2020.

20 July 2020

For the 8th edition of Driving Dutch Design, a collaboration between ABN AMRO, BNO and DDF, 21 design studios will take you on a quest to find, create and add value in COVID-19 times. Follow the generation of 2020 in their journey to a destination unknown: not a physical place, but a new perspective on the theme of 'value'.


In Driving Dutch Design this year, 21 designers join forces in their quest for the meaning of the theme 'value'. They have been collectively researching, re-evaluating and re-inventing the value of their design practice and of life in general. "As creative entrepreneurs, we did and do not shy from what is not possible, we search for new possibilities. Following our problem-solving and inquisitive nature, we embrace the uncertain. For an unexpected journey adds unexpected value to the destination", according to the drivers. 

The temporay collective invites you to join them on this journey. With the destination not being a place but a new perspective on value, that they will present to you in a group exhibition at Dutch Design Week (DDW).

Follow them all the way to DDW

Over the next months, they will open their quest,  research and questions. How can change and uncertainty add value? And what value can we - designers - create and add? All quenstions they are hoping to answer. Their journey starts now!

Follow them via the website,on Instagram and at DDW.