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Talent Tours: discover emerging design talents

08 October 2020

‘Allowing the audience to actively participate in my performances enriches the design process’, says Tereza Ruller. She is one of 39 emerging design talents who received a talent development grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL in the past year and is organizing an online presentation during DDW alongside nine other talents.

Talent Tours provides insight into the thinking and practice of 39 emerging design talents, each of whom is concerned with topical social themes. What are their motives, their doubts and ambitions, and what values do they put first in their work? Angelique Spaninks, chair of the Talent Development grant programme advisory committee: ‘Talent does not live in a vacuum; it relates to the world, allows itself to be inspired and rebels, finds its own focus and knows how to translate and express it. This is the only way to make a professional contribution to the field, and for a young maker to create a meaningful position for themselves in the work field.’

©Tereza Ruller

All 39 design talents were portrayed in one-minute film portraits. Ten of them organize a unique presentation during DDW in which they come into contact with the public in their own way. Keep an eye on our event page for more information about the livestreams. For the video portraits, visit MU Artspace or watch them online at Talent Platform. A selection of the videos can also be seen on DDW TV.