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Watch DDW at Mondo tonight (Dutch only)

18 October 2020

©Anne Claire de Breij
During Dutch Design Week (DDW), Mondo, the art and culture programme of VPRO, invites various progressive designers. In this programme Nadia Moussaid receives artists and writers from the Netherlands and abroad on a weekly basis.

Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade was planning to build a large, ingenious labyrinth for DDW20 as part of World Design Embassies (WDE) as a result of his essay on the art of changing direction. WDE is a programme of Dutch Design Foundation that, together with partners, reflects on social challenges and the role of design in developing new perspectives and concrete solutions for the world of tomorrow. In Mondo, Floris Alkemade talks about this role of designers in a changing world.   

Three designers bring their work to the studio and give a glimpse into the world of tomorrow. For example, Govert Flint will bring a corona-proof traffic light; the Lean-on-Me traffic light. With this traffic light, you don't have to use your hands to push the button, but you use your shoulder. Take a look at his project for DDW20 here

Pauline van Dongen takes her Body Wonders vest with her. She incorporates technology into clothing, allowing signals to be transmitted remotely. 

Designer Bob Hendrikx brings along a coffin he designed, made of mycelium; a network of fungi. This coffin enables you to not pollute the soil but to feed the earth and truly become part of nature by giving new life. View his project for DDW20 here

Finally, Nadia Moussaid talks to textile artist Claudy Jongstra about her working methods and motives. Jongstra has made an open source seed bank for historical native plants that used to be dye pigments. She incorporates the pigments into her woollen textile art. For DDW20 Jongstra went in search of the pigments of Vincent van Gogh's paint in collaboration with the Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert. View this project here

The episode will be broadcasted on Sunday 18 October at 19.25 on NPO 2.