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What does the city of the future look like?

19 October 2020

There’s a good chance that you get a specific picture in your head when you think about future cities. Your picture might include a steel metropolis loaded with skyscrapers, and skies filled with transport drones. And you’re not the only one who imagines that. But is it realistic? And more importantly, do we want that? During DDW’s live talk show, we’ll discuss this intriguing topic: Future Cities.

Be honest: when you return from a city trip, it’s not the buildings and plazas that usually stick in your memory. It’s the atmosphere and the vibe. We should also think about the cities of the future in terms like this. How do we want to experience our cities? And what does that mean for how we design them?
During the show, moderator Erna van Holland, an urban renewal expert, will go in search of the answers to questions like these. An expert panel will take a critical look at the design of modern cities: public space design, service creation and ownership structures in cities. The panel includes:
·              Bart Mispelblom Beyer, owner of Tangram Architects,
·              Nadia Menkveld, sector economist, ABN AMRO,
·              Paul Kuipers, intervention architect, and
·              Renée Scheepers, experience architect.  
Curious to hear their perspectives? Watch the livestream on Tuesday, 20 October from 17:00 until 18:00 CET. If you can’t watch live, use the same link to watch the talk show later.

The talk show was made possible in part by Architecture Centre Eindhoven, DesignWanted and ABN AMRO.