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Tonight’s VPRO Tegenlicht: Conquer Your Data (Dutch only)

18 October 2020

©Tijmen Schep
Who is in charge of our data? Often our (European) data is in the hands of non-European multinationals. In a time of online surveillance, data tracking and microtargeting, VPRO Tegenlicht will be looking for ways out and solutions. Technology critic and Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020 participant, Tijmen Schep, is tonight’s guest with his project 'How Normal Am I?'

Tonight Tijmen talks about his project Candle: a safe smart home system that protects the privacy of users. Last year, Candle was shown at DDW in the Klokgebouw. A year later, is Tijmen with his new project How Normal Am I? part of the exhibition: Privacy in the Age of the New Intimacy during DDW20. This virtual exhibition, designed by Studio LONK, shows different ideas, speculations and designs for today's and tomorrow's society. Eleven projects by contemporary designers explore the complexity of privacy.

During DDW20, four of these designers will be guests at VPRO Tegenlicht - The Battle of the Internet Privacy Talks on DDW TV. In these talks, Roland Duong speaks with various privacy designers and web experts and begins his long search for internet freedom. These talks are the kick-off of a six-month quest by Roland Duong in which he immerses himself in the themes of privacy and big data. To be seen on

Watch Tegenlicht - Herover je Data tonight at 22.05 on NPO2.