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Driving Dutch Design Finds the Power of Re-Value

21 October 2020

During times of uncertainty and change, what value does a designer contribute? How can designers communicate their value to future clients in an approachable and worthwhile way? The designers of Driving Dutch Design 2020 (DDD20) explore the source and meaning of value in turbulent times, and help uncover the keys to rediscovering value.

Paving the way

During 10 months of master classes, mentor sessions and (on- and offline) personal coaching, the 22 DDD20 designers – collectively known as the “Drivers” – reflect on the vastly changing world around them, whilst simultaneously developing their professional practice.
During the nine days of Dutch Design Week (DDW), the collective and individual value of design will come together. From social and product to communication and research design, DDW is the platform that puts design in the spotlight and uncovers its real value. The Drivers aim to guide the discussion in the lead-up to DDW.

Sparking the discussion

For six weeks before the start of DDW, the Drivers are engaging in conversations about Re-Value. In the ‘Studio Sessions’ podcasts, the Drivers aim to examine how to re-establish value in turbulent times. And their insights have real practical application. Previous Drivers have gone on to contribute to better social connection, like Gerjanne van Gink, whose designs help those with dementia maintain their dignity.

Embracing the themes

The Dutch-spoken Re-Value sessions are divided into six sub-themes: Rebel, Research, Reconnect, Reinvent, Reflect and React. In each 60-minute session, three or four Drivers lead the discussion and provide insight into the way they think. What values drive them and how do they project the value of design in the (post-)Corona era?
Listen to the Dutch podcasts online, or read the English-language articles published by Dutch Design Week. You can also follow the Drivers’ journey on Instagram.

Want to know more?  

Driving Dutch Design is a talent development programme initiated by ABN AMRO, the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF). For more information about the programme, please visit