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Talks & Streams: 21 October

21 October 2020

© Oscar Vinck
DDW20 is in full swing! Of course, the festival will take place entirely online this year, but with a well-filled programme full of TV shows and live streams. Here we give you a daily overview of what you can see on DDW TV. We also include several Livestreams, but make sure to explore the online programme for more!


For starters…

We start off each day with ‘For starters...’, a programme in which design journalist and connoisseur Jeroen Junte (Editor in Chief DesignDigger) will talk with emerging talents and familiar faces from the design field.The physical DDW may not take place, but Jeroen ensures that all Design Areas still make an appearance. For example, Bernhard Lenger will join on behalf of Campina, Lucas de Man on behalf of Strijp-S, Piet Hein Eek on behalf of Strijp T+R and so on. Of course, there is also plenty of room for the virtual programme. As a committee member of Dutch Design Awards, Jeroen will also give a daily wake-up call to the DDA winner of the previous day. In short, a dynamic start to your online DDW visit!

11:00 – 11:30 | Watch here 

Driving Dutch Design 2020 - Re-Value

When the world comes to a standstill, what remains important? We invite you to Re-Value with us. We are a collective of 22 designers - united by the talent development program Driving Dutch Design, initiated by ABN AMRO, BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) and DDF (Dutch Design Foundation). This year we are collectively researching the theme of 'value': in podcasts, written articles, a virtual group expo at Dutch Design Week 2020, our own website and in 6 episodes on DDW TV.

11:30 - 11:45 | Watch here 

Antenna - Joshil Naran- In Between Back to Back & Front to Front

Looking for a new view on design that really makes a difference? Here are 10 international design graduates, originating from 5 continents, ready to share their social solutions with you. These innovative designers excel with idealistic values, ground breaking ideas, and cross-border visions.

11:45 - 11:55 | Watch here 

Designer Dialogues Live - Marie Caye, Arvid Jense & Mats Horbach

After three editions of Blank Space Magazine and accompanying articles on, we are switching things up; Designer Dialogues will be broadcasted live on DDW TV. Various designers from the past editions will return and interview each other about the DDW20 theme; The new intimacy. A programme by designers for designers with new matches and familiar faces! Designer Dialogues Live is powered by Blank Space Magazine.

12:00 - 12:30 | Watch here 

Embassy of Health - Journaal Inclusief

In the past few months we have worked hard in the care sector to offer the right thing to the most vulnerable members of our society. At the same time, it has also become clear that the sector cannot go it alone. In order to make care truly inclusive, fitting the needs of all Dutch people, a joint effort is needed. How can we together ensure an inclusive and caring society?

12:30 - 13:00 | Watch here 

Design United: Living Matter(s)

This Design United event zooms in on design-research projects in the Netherlands’ four technical universities. What role can design play in tackling five big themes? Join five livestreamed talk shows tackling five big themes. The shows will take place every afternoon from 13:00 -14:00, starting Monday 19 and running till Friday 23 October. Hosted by Isolde Hallensleben, the daily shows feature up-and-coming design researchers from the Technical Universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen University & Research, as well as subject experts. From the comfort of your own home, you can expect a ring-side view of lively discussions, fuelled by intriguing designs.

13:00 - 14:00 | Watch here 

Antenna: Danielle Begnaud & Brain Bridges

Looking for a new view on design that really makes a difference? Here are 10 international design graduates, originating from 5 continents, ready to share their social solutions with you. These innovative designers excel with idealistic values, ground breaking ideas, and cross-border visions.

14:00 - 14:10 | Watch here 

Class of 2020: Willem de Kooning

DDW invited all Dutch design schools to put together an exhibition on the theme of The New Intimacy. Each school approached this in its own way. Some chose to curate a special new expo and others more a collection of graduates. All exhibitions together show the unique and high quality of Dutch design education. Each school has its own emphasis, its own signature, and that is reflected in the exhibition. When the physical DDW stopped, five of the participating schools decided to show their physical installation in the schools. In the upcoming videos you will see that work passes by, with explanations by students and curators.

14:25 - 14:30 | Watch here 

DAE: The Arena - Ctrl + C

With design research at its heart, The Arena is Design Academy Eindhoven’s (DAE) in-house platform for furthering dialogues on design discourse. It addresses and contextualises aspects of design practice that inform and surpass a final object or outcome.Tune in to DDW TV daily on  from 14:30-15:30 for panel discussions on the dilemmas of institutional critique, bio-politics and collective care, power structures behind invisible infrastructures, interrogations on cultural heritage and more.

14:30 - 15:30 | Watch here 

Hungry for Design: Renee Scheepers x Taks Yuen

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? This episode: Renee Scheepers x Taks Yuen

15:30 - 15:45 | Watch here 

DDA Award Show Live 2020: Fashion

Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) honours the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and groundbreaking projects. Various disciplines, viewpoints and solutions are judged in light of the impact they have on our society. The 2020 award ceremony has a new, digital packaging. This year sees a first for DDW; ‘DDW TV’. A studio from which DDA will organise a talk show everyday. These talk shows will be presented by a fantastic host, Isolde Hallensleben, and give us the opportunity to take a closer look at the three nominees per category. Who they are, what they do and above all, what their project is about? Trends and developments from the field will be discussed and to top it all off, the winners will be announced. A mixture of content, intimacy and celebration!

16:00 – 16:30 | Watch here 

WDE Talks: Woningbouwopgave

How can we cleverly combine our housing task with other tasks - such as making the construction chain more sustainable, but also strengthening existing neighbourhoods? With Emile van Vugt from FAAM Architects on timber construction and architect/urbanist Violette Schönberger on flex living.

16:30 - 17:00 | Watch here 

Polder TV

Polder TV marks the beginning of the Polder Triennal, a new initiative that shows, discusses, and unpacks ideas about the changing relationships between cities and the countryside. Makers and thinkers from the Dutch polder region and beyond develop tv broadcasts from the farmstead of designer-architect Rianne Makkink. For the occasion of Dutch Design Week 2020 the terrain in the Noordoostpolder, the most iconic agricultural landscape of The Netherlands, is turned into a temporary tv studio.

18:00 – 18:05 | Watch here 

TRANSITIONS: An Ongoing Operation on Change

The exhibition ‘Transitions’ proposes an exploration of design and its influence on the fundamental preoccupations of today’s increasingly fragmented society through the projects of five Brussels-based design practices. Some of the projects are holistic whilst others focus on small but significant details within the bigger whole. They question systems and structures from the bottom up, which allows them to interact in new ways with today’s needs: redefining waste by reusing wasted matter, creating systems for more democratic and environmentally friendly ways to design or new methods of production and interaction with heritage and craftsmanship. They use, conceive and define new tools, team up with scientists, researchers and craftsmen alike. Such approaches redefine the spheres in which design operates to a much broader spectrum. Design is not a one-man-show, not one object, not one solution.

18:05 - 19:05 | Watch here 

Dezeen: Privacy

In today’s society, a person’s data is increasingly considered a value in people’s lives. This theme and discussion, moderated by Dezeen editor Tom Ravenscroft, looks at how designers deal with the issue of privacy.
Julia Jansen will discuss her work about algorithm-controlled identities, while Bureau Moeilijike Dingen, will speak about Aeon, an app that stores all the traces you've left on the internet in a safe space on your own device.
They are joined by Isaac Monté, the designer behind Prosthetic X, an artificial data organ that collects information about your health from a number of protheses and gives you real-time feedback.

19:05 - 20:05 | Watch here 

FoodLab Pulses

Vegetable is booming. The supermarket is full of dairy and meat substitutes. Strangely enough, most flatulent burgers, stir fryers and breakfast drinks are made of soy beans from (far) foreign countries. While we can also grow our own protein-rich crops here.
So why aren't we massively growing soy, brown beans, chickpeas, lupins and field beans in the Netherlands? Simple: unknown makes unloved. There is still little demand for Dutch legumes, and that is a mortal sin. Because if we eat more legumes from our own country, it is a blessing for the environment, our soil and biodiversity. Time to think out of the box. FoodLab Pulses has brought producers of vegetable protein products together with designers to develop new concepts based on locally grown legumes. Concepts that are not only sustainable, but also add value to the crops. So that the Dutch legume will soon conquer the Dutch kitchen.

20:05 - 21:05 | Watch here 


Envisions Hackathon - toilet - day 1

The Envisions Hackathon, which will take place during Dutch Design Week 2020, will give a dynamic look into how we work and collaborate as a team. Every day, a group of Envisionaires will react on objects from modern life, such as part of a car or a household appliance.

10:00 - 17:00 | Watch here 

Aiki: Reading the cues

In collaboration with the Charlie Braveheart Foundation and Studio Bibi van der Velden, Dutch designer Josephine de Fijter has conceptualized a sensory object. That aims to prevent the child from enduring a traumatizing experience during medical care.
Medical encounters can leave a deep mark on the psyche of a child. They are often unnecessary frightening and stressful. The main aim is to bring autonomy back to the child by giving them a method of expression. The child receives the cuddle that will give them supported breathing throughout the examination. Rhythmic breathing exercises can have a long-term positive effect on our well-being. It stimulates brain regions that enable us to regulate our emotions.
For DDW 2020 they have assembled several panel talks with interdisciplinary speakers. Together, exploring how the design and health industry can collaborate to prevent and lower the stress-related symptoms linked to traumatic experiences.

12:00 - 13:00 | Watch here 

Karaoke Discourse: Objects of Contention

The designers collective Karaoke Discourse presents three online evenings full of ‘misunderstandings’.
In collaboration with MU, Karaoke Discourse presents a series of online events during Dutch Design Week 2020. Join us online on Wednesday 21 October at 20.00 sharp for three evenings full of ‘misunderstandings’. Through performances, quiz shows, face-swapping, conference calls and group discussions we make sense of the complex world around us and the role that objects and media play in it!

20:00 - 21:30 | Watch here