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Discover the winners of Dutch Design Awards 2020

22 October 2020

DDA Award Show Live, category Habitat ©Jeroen van der Wielen
This year the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) will be presented on DDW TV. During eight dedicated afternoons on DDW TV, one per category, we celebrate the best of Dutch design. And you can join us!

The ceremonies are presented by Isolde Hallensleben (known for her reports as Jakhals at De Wereld Draait Door), and give us the opportunity to take a closer look at the three nominees per category. Who they are, what they do and, above all, what is their project about? Trends and developments from the field will be discussed and to top it all off, the winners will be announced. A mixture of content, intimacy and celebration! The DDA Award Show can be watched on from 17 to 24 October at 16:00 hrs.

Below you can see the DDA Award Show Live programming and read which award is/will be presented and when:

Saturday 17 October | Young Designer 
Katinka Versendaal 
Iris van Wees
Simon Dogger (winner)
Committee chair: Saskia van Stein  

Sunday 18 October | Design Research  
Insectology: Food For Buzz | Matilde Boelhouwer (winner)
Redesigning Psychiatry | Reframing Studio  
Retreat | Xandra Van Der Eijk
Committee chair: Angelique Spaninks  

Monday 19 October | Service & Systems  
Monnie | Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken X Garage2020 (winner)
Repeat After Me | Moniker  
Pollutive Ends | Thijs Biersteker 
Committee chair: Bert Hagendoorn  

Tuesday 20 October | Habitat  
Forum Groningen | NL Architects X deMunnik-DeJong-Steinhauser Architectencollectief E.A. (winner)
Paper Gardens | Studio Ossidiana  
De Molenwiek | Korthtielens 
Committee chair: Jaapjan Berg  

Wednesday 21 October | Fashion  
Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 | Ninamounah (winner)
Litter | Schueller De Waal / Sdw Studio  
A Research Into The Values And Meanings Of Fur | Passama/Langendijk
Committee chair: Liesbeth van ‘t Hout  

Thursday 22 October | Communication  
Enter Enter – A Space For Books | Enter Enter  
Radical Cut Up | Bart De Baets  
Demo – Design In Motion Festival | Studio Dumbar 
Committee chair: Sonja Haller  

Friday 23 October | Product   
The Interceptor | The Ocean Cleanup X Fabrique 
Auping Evolve | Koninklijke Auping  
The Object Is Absent | Curatoren Alexandre Humbert, Lucas Maassen, Tom Loois, Angelique Spaninks 
Committee chair: Joost Alferink  

Saturday 24 October | Best Commissioning  
Forum Groningen | Gemeente Groningen X NL Architects E.A. 
Triodos Bank – De Reehorst | Triodos Bank X Rau Architecten X Arcadis X Ex Interiors
Water As Leverage | Rijksoverheid  
Committee chair: Pieter Aarts