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DDW Take Away TV with fries and hotchpotch

22 October 2020

DDW Take Away TV ©Max Kneefel
Now that the restaurants and cafés are closed, Eindhoven has one extra take away initiative during Dutch Design Week (DDW). For nine days, operator Steye van Dam, delivery man Mander Liefting and chef Piet Bergman will provide DDW Take away TV: a take away reality soap with Friet Wuhan and Stamppot (hotchpotch).

The former Social Services building on Deken van Somerenstraat is normally far from inviting. But during DDW it brings a bit of life to the world. Every day, from 17.00 to 21.00 hours, you can pick up a Wuhan Chips or various hotchpotches at the place where Piet Bergman lives as anti-squatting caretaker and watch the broadcast live.

The takeaway desk is completely coronaproof and equipped with a dispenser with disinfecting soap, splash guard and ticket dispenser and dressed with a tablecloth, plant and a Chinese lantern - referring to the Chinese takeaway. Designer Mander (Snodevormgevers) sits in a motorbike suit at the takeaway counter. In an earlier broadcast he tried to repair the vintage Citta Gilera moped to deliver food. Piet, creative caterer, foodperformer, presenter, organiser, furniture maker, designer, artist and Piet Friet, is cooking in the kitchen while actor and presenter Steye (known for Zondag met Lubach, Draadstaal, Flikken Maastricht and RaRaRadio, among others) takes orders and picks up the phone, plays royalty-free music and sometimes Chinese restaurant music.

In the meantime, Steye presents the live broadcast. Sometimes he talks to designers about what they are doing, like today Dorian and Myrthe, social designers van SMELT who praised the work of photographer Tim Meijer, who graduated in 2016. Other times he talks to someone who paints monkeys wants to show his work, and sometimes someone just orders: four portions of hotchpotch with sausage, a spinach pea mash pot or two pointed bags of Fries Wuhan - named after a friend of Pete's who lives in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Piet is no stranger to the design world. Starting as a furniture maker he moved more and more in the direction of food performance. Since 2010, we have seen him at art and music festivals in Europe, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, last April, where he was also baking fries for thousands of designers and visitors, and during DDW in Eindhoven. Since he is temporarily out of work, like his friend from Eindhoven Steye and Mander and many others in the creative sector, and the plan for live radio broadcasts with students from various academies during DDW did not go through, they came up with DDW takeaway TV. About hundred people spread out over the evening listen to it every day, says Mander. Some of them are so loyal that they sit on the couch each day listening as if they are following a Netflix series. In the meantime, the Citta Gilera doesn't get to work anyway. Tomorrow another attempt, and a new episode of the take away reality soap.
Order via or call, text or Whatsapp to the telephone number that appears on the screen on the evening itself. Pick up is possible at Deken van Somerenstraat 4. If you want to tell something in the live broadcast, please send an e-mail.