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VPRO podcast: the battle of the internet

25 October 2020

Everyone seems to agree: Silicon Valley has too much power and our governments are standing by and watching. How can we defend ourselves against algorithms, misinformation and screen addiction that lead to polarisation and dislocation in our society?

It is this question that set programmer Roland Duong on a trail: the search for a fairer, more transparent and more humane internet, also known as the online project The Battle of the Internet (De Slag Om Het Internet in Dutch; DSOHI). In this project, Roland will not only put it on the agenda, but will also look for solutions together with experts. In the form of podcasts, video streams and blogs.

During Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, programme maker Roland Duong will talk about a fairer and more human internet. How do we win the battle of disruptive social media, misinformation, and fake news? 

Soon VPRO will kick off with DSOHI. Roland Duong will be talking to tech journalist Wouter van Noort and privacy designer Tijmen Schep.Tijmen found out that the corona app is not as privacy-safe as most people think.  

Listen to the first podcast episode on Sunday 25 October, here