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#Gamechangers DDW19: How’s it going with Jalila?

29 October 2020

Cosmetics that we wipe off our faces in the evenings, deep-fryer oil that gets dumped in a sewer after just a few uses: just regular rubbish, right? Definitely not! Jalila Essaïdi, designer and former DDW ambassador (2019), shows a different approach.

According to Jalila Essaïdi, our society is wasting a real opportunity. And that can – and must – change. Last year, during Dutch Design Week, Jalila presented her candle made of sewer fat. Sounds nasty, but it’s so nice. Thanks to Jalila, valuable raw materials are getting a second life. Or a third or fourth. Nothing nasty about that.
Main sponsor ABN AMRO named Jalila one of last year’s Game Changers, and gave the sewer candle a brighter spotlight. Want to know how Jalila and her sustainable candles are doing now? Watch the video to find out!

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