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Tune in for the Food Heroes Webinar at 9 December!

03 December 2020

©Jeroen van der Wielen
Challenge yourself to fight food waste at the Digital Food Waste Fest on 8 & 9 December 2020.

This upcoming 9 December, we will be celebrating the finals of Food Heroes, a project about the revaluation and reduction of food waste. Amongst the Food Heroes, you find designer Doreen Westphal and oyster mushroom grower Marielle van Lieshout. As they joined force through the Food Heroes project, they gave new purpose to the commonly disposed stalks of mushrooms by developing delicious snacks. Although you will not be able to taste the results, you can get inspired by them by listening to their story during the Food Heroes webinar on 9 December from 11.00hrs to 11.45hrs. 

Interested? You can register and tune in on!