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4 Dutch winners No Waste Challenge

15 July 2021

1 min. to read

Earlier this year What Design Can Do launched the global No Waste Challenge, inviting worldwide innovators to radically redesign our relationship with waste. The 16 winners of this challenge have now been announced and no less than 4 of them are Dutch! Find out their solutions for a different attitude towards waste.

Presenting the winning Dutch designs

4 of the winning solutions were submitted by Dutch designers, with the aim of reducing waste in Amsterdam.

Unplastic uses waste from the food industry and breweries to create fully compostable packaging alternatives.

Bob Hendrix's Living Coffin is the world's first biodegradable coffin made from mycelial fungi, which turns into compost within 45 days. Bob Hendrix was also recently nominated for a Dutch Design Award in the Young Designer category.

Packing Up PFAS offers building materials that require less source material during the production process than conventional products. And they also remove pollutants from the environment. The fourth Dutch project focuses on preventing waste by asking why we consume things.

Clothing Loop combats fast fashion by making it easy and fun to share bags of second-hand clothes with friends or neighbours.

Curious about all the winners and their projects? Check them out on the What Design Can Do website. And read our magazine article about the start of the contest.