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Routes, routes, routes!

08 October 2021

5 min. to read

DDW19 © Boudewijn Bollmann
With so many designers, projects and locations, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. We understand that very well, and that is why we have created several routes! Choose a theme that suits your interest. See which projects you can view on this route and get on your way. On foot or by bus. Go go go!

Eco Pioneers
Intervening in nature. Designing products with biological materials. Or ecologically designing for the world around us. Many things are possible. 

Discover it in Eco Pioneers.

Designing Society
Design as a tool to improve the world. Or at least try to. Social problems are not solved just like that, but design can contribute to that.

Discover it in Design Society

Future Cities
Cities are facing enormous challenges. The energy transition, climate adaptation and, last but not least, the massive challenge of building houses. How do we innovate urban buildings and spaces?

Discover it in Future Cities 

Adapted Realities
As a society, we face many challenges: climate change, health, social inequality. How can new forms of design improve our physical and virtual world and help us meet these challenges?

Discover it in Adapted Realities

Connected Living
COVID-19 has raised the desire to make our immediate environment a space where we can live, work and play comfortably. Designers are taking the lead to find technical and sustainable solutions for this new era. 

Discover it in Connected Living

Contemporary Icons
Design objects play an ever-changing role in the world of galleries and exhibitions. What is there to see in contemporary product design at DDW?

Discover it in Contemporary Icons

Sustainable Products
Design is partly responsible for the abundance of products in our lives, but it also provides the solution. Discover the designers who use radical processes and materials.

Discover it in Sustainable Products

Interactive Experiences
Digital technologies continue to develop and design is experimented with on a large scale. What experiences can you find at DDW?

Discover it in Interactive Experiences

The Greater Number
More is not always better. But less is not necessarily the answer either. What is best for our society, for our planet?

Discover it in The Greater Number

Things that Matter
What is the value of design, and when does it matter? The relationship between man and product is under the microscope. 

Discover it in Things that Matter

One size won't fit all
The need for an inclusive and diverse society is becoming increasingly clear. How do we organise our society so that everyone feels at home?

Discover it in One size won't fit all

It's in our nature
What is our relationship with nature? How do we design for it? And what about working with living material?

Discover It's in our nature

Cabinet of Collaborations
Collaboration makes you stronger. When designers start working with, and for business and industry, an interesting interaction occurs. 

Discover it in Cabinet of Collaborations