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Food & Drinks @ DDW21

12 October 2021

1 min. to read

Sectie-C 2019 © Boudewijn Bollmann
A visit to DDW means: walking around, looking, talking and most of all: getting lots of impressions. But don't forget to refuel every now and then!

Of course, you can get the necessary energy from a nice snack and a drink. Fortunately, Eindhoven is bursting with cosy bars, restaurants and eateries! 

All over the city, you can find all kinds of catering establishments. We highlighted a few fine places - regular and pop-up - for you on our special Food & Drinks page.

Do you want to visit restaurants? Please note that it is mandatory to show a corona entry pass when visiting any establishment. For more info about COVID-regulations, please check our special corona page.