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Apply now for the masterclass Boost your Business!

30 November 2021

5 min. to read

Keep an Eye Masterclass 2020 © Max Kneefel
Dutch Design Foundation and Keep an Eye Foundation join forces! Together, they are giving designer studios and individual designers the opportunity to develop and improve their business skills in the masterclass: Boost your Business | Personal Branding.

This masterclass helps designers to build a strong personal brand that contributes to a successful design business. Did you graduate in 2012 or later? Apply now for Boost your business! Send a short email before Monday 7 February with some personal info, your motivation to join the masterclass and your expectations to:

Apply now!


The masterclass is free of charge. It takes place in Nxt Museum, Amsterdam and consists of 2 half days in February and June. If you apply, we count on your presence for both sessions. 

17 February

09.30 - 10.00 | Walk-in
10.00 - 10.30 | Inspirator Talk Lotte Bloem
10.30 - 11:00 | Inspirator Talk Evelien Reich
11:00 - 11:15 | Break
11.15 - 12.15 | Motivator Talk Nancy Poleon
12:15 - 13:00 | Lunch

Part 1 - Personal Branding

In the first part of the masterclass, 3 renowned women talk about what a strong personal brand can do for your business.

Lotte Bloem is Strategy Lead & Brand Manager at Verve Agency and helps brands with the transformation of their image. 

Evelien Reich is editor in chief of ELLE Decoration in the Netherlands and has more than 20 years of experience in styling, editing and publishing.

Both women tell about their approach to this theme. What exactly is personal branding and where does it show? How do you effectively work on your personal brand and how do you do this on commission? How do you translate your personal brand to your online content?

Keynote: Nancy Poleon

Before founder Nancy Poleon started BrandedU in 2014, she used to work as a marketing manager for BMG in London to help artists such as Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and Pink rock the stage. Using this experience, she developed a personal branding method, especially for women. This BrandedU Rock-’n-Roll Branding method is a unique method that is based on encouraging authentic behaviour.

Part 2 - Reflecting & Networking

After 4 months all masterclass participants come together again. We discuss our actions after part 1. How did we work on our personal brands? How did it go, what went well and what didn’t? Different experts, who we will announce later on, will also join to discuss the topic further.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to apply now?

Send us an email!