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10th edition Driving Dutch Design

11 April 2022

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© Jeroen Timmer & Nina van Bart
Driving Dutch Design celebrates its 10th anniversary! The programme for ambitious and entrepreneurial designers consists of multiple projects. The 3 main elements are masterclasses, participation in DDW and coaching. Alumni Drivers unite in Club DDD.


The programme runs until the end of November. In the upcoming months, the ‘Drivers’ will participate in a series of masterclasses on all kinds of entrepreneurial qualities. They will work on their business communication, presentation skills, financial structuring, copyright knowledge, strategy and planning. These masterclasses will help the designers take their studios to the next level. Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) organises these masterclasses.   


During a meeting in Microlab Eindhoven, the Drivers started exploring the possibilities offered by the exposure of Dutch Design Week (DDW). In contrast to previous editions, there will not be a large joint exhibition this year. This year, the Drivers will present themselves during DDW to best fit the product or service and the plans and ambitions of their studio. Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) supports them in this.


The final element of the programme is coaching, with 21 coaches who all work at ABN AMRO. They help the Drivers interpret their newly gained insights and apply them in their creative practice. In addition, they connect them with the corporate world to which many of their potential future clients also belong. ABN AMRO coordinates this coaching programme.

New activities

A new activity this year is the mentor discussion. A meaningful conversation that all Drivers organise with a designer who inspires them. This also gives the creative field a place within the programme. Something that Drivers from previous editions missed. Club DDD is also fairly new. This is the club for and by Drivers from all editions. CLUB DDD is committed to continuing to learn, developing yourself further and to working together to put the knowledge and skills you have acquired to use in the design sector as a whole.


Want to know more about Driving Dutch Design?

Check out their website and follow the Instagram page @drivingdutchdesign for more content on the Drivers of 2022.

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