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Wild at Heart 2022

08 August 2022

Hanna van Rixtel
Imagine, you're a starting designer. How cool would it be to be able to discuss work, career and running your own studio with renowned designers? During Wild at Heart, this is possible.

During Wild at Heart @ GLUE Amsterdam on 15 September, you engage in conversation with experienced designers. Who are their sources of inspiration? What decisions made them successful? How do they view their clients? How do they maintain their work-life balance? And what tips and tricks can they draw from their greatest successes and failures? At Wild at Heart, you will receive answers to these and other questions.

Wild at Heart is a series of 5 round table discussions that brings together starting designers with designers who have already achieved success. There will be 10 tables, each with four to six people.


During Wild at Heart you can talk to the following designers:

  • Maria Blaisse makes sculptures and costumes. She moves between the disciplines of art, design, textile and fashion.
  • Simon Buijs (Bobby Pola + BUCK) is a designer and art director for illustrative and animation assignments.
  • Robert Bronwasser is an industrial designer who combines passion, creative skills, common sense and over 25 years of experience into useful products with a distinctive look.
  • Jeroen van Erp is co-founder of Fabrique, design agency for Brands, design & interaction and was a professor at TU Delft - Faculty of Industrial Design.
  • Interior architect Odette Ex works with the team of Ex Interiors on large, complex, (inter)national assignments where the human scale remains leading.
  • Nikki Gonnissen is a designer and partner at Thonik. The studio specializes in graphic design, interaction design and motion design.
  • Monique Mulder is founder and managing director of strategic communication and design agency Mattmo.
  • Nynke Tynagel works as an autonomous designer. Nynke was a partner at Studio Job for 20 years where she was responsible for graphic design.
  • Petra Vonk is specialized in innovative textile design with a strong focus on architecture and interior design.

Location: Adam&Co

We will be guests of A'DAM&Co during GLUE Amsterdam, a creative members club with a spectacular view of Amsterdam located on the 18th floor of the A'DAM tower behind Amsterdam Central Station.

Info & Times

Admission: € 11,73 (including 2 drinks)
Date: 15 September
Entry: 13.00 hours
Sessions: 13.30 - 16.30 hours
Closing & drinks: 16.30 - 18.00 hours
Registration via Evenbrite is required

Wild at Heart is organized by BNO, Dutch Design Foundation & Dutch Design Daily.