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15 August 2022
Would you like to strengthen your network in the design sector and gain inspiration? Looking for ways to connect with design power? Check out Dutch Design Week's Design Tours.

Design Tours focus on important social challenges and demonstrate design's value and potential. A Design Tour will introduce your organization to relevant designers. 

An effective way to gain insight into Dutch Design Week (DDW) is through a Design Tour. These tours explore different themes and show the diversity of locations within Eindhoven's DDW. Providing designers with the opportunity to tell their own stories allows them to showcase their talents. Your organization is guided through selected projects and designers by professional Design Guides.

Take a look at the Design Tours here.

“For us, DDW was a team event, so navigating through the full scale of DDW to find meaningful projects, links to our business, and interest would be overwhelming. Before our visit we were able to prepare for the tour with the DDW team based on our focus areas. It enabled us to efficiently cover most of the halls and exhibitions related to our interests while on site. Additionally, we were able to further discuss the project with the project lead and designer which led to meaningful connections and interaction. It served as inspiration for existing projects our team is working on, and it was a great experience for everyone to get a broader perspective on application of select innovations in other contexts. The DDW 2022 Design Tour has been on our agenda since January."

PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein)