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Dutch Design Foundation enters into partnership with Secrid and What Design Can Do

19 October 2022

Secrid Talent Podium © Secrid
To give transitioning to a more circular society a boost, Dutch Design Foundation (DFF) has entered into a partnership with the Dutch pocketwear brand Secrid and What Design Can Do (WDCD).

The collaboration is based on the shared vision that the power of creativity is crucial for a more sustainable industry and better products.

Secrid Talent Podium

The collaboration immediately results in action: during Dutch Design Week, designers with the power to change are in the spotlight on the Secrid Talent Podium (Klokgebouw). These eleven designers have been selected as forerunners in the field of evolutionary product design:

In addition to a podium during DDW, Secrid will grant the selected designers EUR 7,777.77. The number seven symbolizes the seven angles of Secrid's holistic design vision. Secrid invests one percent of its turnover in inspiring, connecting and supporting the next generation of designers who, based on this philosophy, help make the industry more sustainable.

Secrid Talent Podium LIVE

On Friday 28 October, Secrid presents another program for the new generation of sustainable product designers: Secrid Talent Podium LIVE. During this LIVE talk, René van Geer (CEO & Creative Director Secrid) shares Secrid sustainability dilemmas and designers Tom van Soest, Nienke Hoogvliet, Vivian Erdtsieck and Ermi van Oers provide insight into their approach, process and challenges. They enter into a dialogue with each other and the public, in order to learn from and inspire each other. View the program for Secrid Talent Podium LIVE and reserve a ticket here!

During this event, the Make it Circular Challenge of What Design Can Do will also be presented. Designers can submit for the Make It Circular Challenge from 11 October, until January 2023.