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Lessons Learned - a podcast by Dutch Design Week & ArchDaily

22 October 2022

Lessons Learned is a podcast by Dutch Design Week and ArchDaily. In each episode we pair young design talents with seasoned designers to further their practice and help them learn from the mistakes of the past. The young talented individual asks one pressing question, and the designers share their learnings and their biggest fuckups.

Fides Lapidaire x Marjan van Aubel

In the first episode, social designer Fides Lapidaire talks to DDW22 ambassador Marjan van Aubel, solar designer and founder of the solar movement. For a while now, Fides has been focusing on closing the circular food chain with her Stichting Rondgang. Her project The Shit Show highlights the fact that our poo and pee can be used to make high-quality compost for agriculture: from ass to mouth! Fides’ main questions for Marjan: how can I ensure that key partners take this seriously? And: how do you convince the right people to work with you on building a better future for agriculture and the environment?

Listen to the podcast here


Absence Bench (Grief Space) ©Karn Kraiprasit

Alisha Phichitsingh x Formafantasma

In the second episode, budding artist and designer Alisha Phichitsingh talks to design duo extraordinaire and DDW ambassadors Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, better known as Formafantasma. With her studio The Empty Dinner in the exhibition Grief Space, Alisha presents a series of furniture and objects that express her grief at the loss of her father. As an artist, Alisha struggles with the idea that her work is accessible only to a small group of wealthy collectors. Her main question to Formafantasma: how can I find a good balance between creating exclusive artwork and creating accessible design objects for a wider audience?

Listen to the podcast here.