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Driving Dutch Design: starting point for new paths

15 December 2022

3 minutes min. to read

Masterclass Business Model Canvas | © Katja Lucas
Will you be one of our Drivers in 2023? Do you want to push the boundaries of your entrepreneurship, together with other talented designers? Are you open to creating focus within your creative enterprise? And are you willing to invest an average of one day a week in this from February to November 2023?

Driving Dutch Design is the professionalisation and networking programme of BNO, Dutch Design Foundation and Stichting Stokroos that helps driven designers on their way in the world of creative entrepreneurship. 

The Driving Dutch Design programme consists of a series of master classes in the field of entrepreneurship, an individual mentorship programme and - for those who want to - two tracks: DDW/D and DDW/C. Participants of DDW/D are coached in developing an individual offer, or deliverable, for the Dutch Design Week. DDW/C focuses on collective publicity during DDW.

Apply now for Driving Dutch Design! The deadline is 20 January 2023. We would like to explicitly invite people from different backgrounds to apply. You can find all information about signing up and the programme on the Driving Dutch Design website.

Drivers Dutch Design 2022

New in 2023: DDW/D

In addition to the regular programme, we are introducing something new in 2023: DDW/D. Participants in DDW/D will be guided in developing an individual offer for Dutch Design Week (DDW). Together with others, you explore the possibilities for successful participation in Dutch Design Week. The development of DDW/D is still in full swing. We will start in March with the first of six meetings. Would you like to stay informed? Then send an e-mail to Katja Lucas