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Designers in the spotlight! #heyddw

12 January 2023

2 minutes min. to read

© The New Raw + Rosana Escobar + Sander Hagelaar
Would you like to be featured on the DDW Instagram or online DDW Magazine? Hit us up with your latest work or collaboration, using hashtag #heyddw, and we might reach out to repost or interview you about your work!

Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place every year thanks to a huge amount of designers and creatives in many shapes and sizes. We want to celebrate this versatile design community throughout the year.

So, if you would like to share new work, a wonderful collaboration or other interesting or fun stuff, please use #heyddw and we will see if we can feature you on our social media canals or website

Be sure to also check out last years featured designers, like plastic transformers The New Raw, watch Rosana Escobar unravel the coffee bag, the Fluid Current by Sander Hagelaar and many more on our DDW Instagram.