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Working for a better world requires a holistic view

16 February 2023

Together with Secrid founder and industrial designer René van Geer, we look back at the first edition of the Secrid Talent Podium. A conversation about a world in balance and the importance of supporting sustainable design talent.

In the world of product design, making sustainable choices is more important than ever. Instead of focusing on mass production and growth, we need to focus on products that are structurally better, more sustainable and more valuable. But how do you design those? And how do you build a business with them? More and more designers are aware of their responsibility and want to make a difference. Yet the right help and knowledge on sustainable product design are not easy to find. Dutch wallet label Secrid is an experienced expert in this field. To pass on their knowledge and skills to the new batch of design talents, they founded the Secrid Talent Podium together with Dutch Design Foundation and are global partners of the ‘Make It Circular Challenge’, a design competition run by What Design Can Do.

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