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I.M. Piet Bergman (1974 – 2023)

01 May 2023

Piet Bergman, 2022 © Wouter Hendriks
Stampiet, Piet Friet, Pierre Camembert, De Frietshow, Papzakken: for years, not a DDW went by without Piet Bergman's culinary adventures.

Even when Dutch Design Week could not descend on the city in 2020 because of corona, Piet did go ahead and organised DDW-Afhaal-TV with companions Steye van Dam and Mander Liefting. Last year, he and Maarten Klinkenbijl moved into the Portiersloge/The New Block, where once again his parents and friends peeled potatoes for his famous fries, as it would turn out unfortunately for the last time. 

Anyone who has been part of or visited DDW over the past decade could hardly have overlooked Piet. As a result, an empty spot remains in our DDW and design community. The Dutch Design Foundation team's thoughts are with his family and friends. We will miss you, Piet!


DDW Afhaal TV (2020), © Wouter Hendriks
DDW Afhaal TV (2020), © Max Kneefel
What if Lab: Lockdown Brigade (2021), © Oscar Vinck

"For years, Eindhoven based self-made chef Piet Bergman has been serving up slightly surprising food concepts: settings in which the connecting effect of a virtuous, freshly prepared meal takes centre stage. What started as a series of culinary incidents, grew into an internationally operating family business that could never have existed without friends, acquaintances and 'Papapiet'."

Piet Bergman, programme DDW21

Stampiet (2012) © Boudewijn Bollmann
De Frietshow with Steye van Dam (2017), © Wouter Hendriks