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Mission: Boosting our HEALTH & WELLBEING

20 September 2023

© Klokgebouw - DDW22 - Max Kneefel
As of this year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) introduces ten programme narratives that help make the best possible matches between the participating designers and visitors. DDW has established missions and design perspectives as a framework for the programme and activities during the week. The missions are distilled based on what is going on in the design community and within society. We see that designers are increasingly taking on major issues, such as the climate crisis and social inequality.


food: nutrition • food chain • system change • sustainability
care: products • furniture • healthcare • behaviour • prevention • responsibility
personal: wellbeing • recreation • sport • relaxation • sexuality

Within the mission Boosting our HEALTH & WELLBEING, the future of our healthcare and a wide range of well-being aspects are addressed. Below you can see a selection of the work presented during DDW23. Designs focused on structurally improving our quality of life – from our food to healthcare and personal well-being – and contributing to the most valuable thing we have: our health.

  • Centre | Albert van Abbehuis - A Bite of Void
    This exhibition allows the audience to contemplate the potholes of one’s life and question what a ‘better future’ truly is.

  • West | Fashion Tech Farm | Bra+ve
    Bra+ve is a postoperative bra designed for breast cancer patients to provide comfort and a positive experience during recovery.

  • Hallenweg | Giselle Dahm - Coping with Mechanisms
    An art installation that addresses the recent rise of anxiety disorders among young adults and teenagers in the digital age.

  • Strijp-S | World Design Embassies - Embassy of Health & Embassy of Food
    Embassy of Health asks the question: how can we put health first in our society by utilising the power of design? The Embassy of Food believes in the role that designers can play in shaping the world behind our food and the relationship we all have with our food.

  • Strijp-S | The Pelvic People and Nienke Helder | Kiwi
    Pain during sex is far too common. The Pelvic People and designer Nienke Helder take a science-backed deep dive into entry pain.

  • Centre | Philips Museum | Sense(s) of care
    See and hear how Philips designers transform healthcare with sound, vision and experiences

  • Canal | Myubio collective - Silence is the presence of everything
    In our contemporary world, where sound pollution is prevalent, 'Silence is the presence of everything' is an immersive installation that invites the visitor to reconnect to earth's natural soundscapes.

  • Sectie-C | Baltan Laboratories & Onomatopee - The Body is a Movement
    Baltan and Onomatopee present the DDW gym - a place to reclaim and reconnect with our bodies.

  • Strijp-S | Hazal Erturkan - Studio Bleu - Time Pieces - Chronomaterials
    Time Pieces-Chronomaterials aims to unveil our personal experience of time by utilizing biomaterials and ‘the body’ as an interface between us and our experiences.