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Picture This: we’re done with the throwaway society

28 September 2023

© VPRO x Dutch Design Week Live
Picture this: a different future. Creating products without mining raw materials. Where consumption does not equal more waste. A future of reusing everything by transforming it into something new. Again and again.

VPRO and Dutch Design Week (DDW) join forces to take a deep dive into the relationship between Dutch design and the throwaway society and the shame we often feel about our consumption habits.

Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen takes us on a journey around the world, tracing food produced in the Netherlands and shipped abroad. We disassemble hoovers, shoes and mobile phones to better understand what these everyday objects are made of. We introduce you to a range of fascinating projects by young designers. And Christien Meindertsma, winner of Dutch Design Awards 2023, ponders perhaps the biggest questions of the design industry: should new products be designed at all? 

Another guest on the show is product designer Tjeerd Veenhoven, as well as emerging talents from the Dutch Design Academy and TU/e who will present their designs and design perspectives. Furthermore, volunteers from the Repair Cafe will be on hand to repair broken printers, vacuum cleaners, or curling irons, brought in by the audience.

VPRO x Dutch Design Week Live takes place on Sunday 22 October and is free of charge for all visitors of Dutch Design Week who have a DDW ticket. Please note that you do need to register in advance.