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29 September 2023

Design Academy Graduation Show - DDW22 - Max Kneefel
As of this year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) introduces ten programme narratives that help make the best possible matches between the participating designers and visitors. DDW has established missions and design perspectives as a framework for the programme and activities during the week.


In addition to these missions, DDW naturally welcomes group exhibitions: clusters of archives and collectives to which more than one of the missions or design perspectives applies. Below, you'll find a selection of cluster exhibitions from the DDW23 program.

  • Canal | Koelhuis Eindhoven - Bubble Trouble
    An artistic playground in the former Campina freezer warehouse exploring the illusion of comfort and safety of our constructed realities

  • Strijp-S | Creative Industries Fund NL & CLICKNL - Innovationlabs
    The Innovationlabs programme encourages the cultural and creative sector to develop applicable knowledge and new working methods to help this sector to be more agile and resilient in the longer term.

    A curated space set up as a total experience. Enhancing the space and its forms with unique collectibles and a special scenography. A mini district with a maximalistic surreal feel of curious objects and designs telling stories.

  • Hallenweg | Zakka Stories - The Product Chronicles
    Consumer society is running at full speed. The more we surround ourselves with products, the less value or meaning they seem to have to us. How can design today lead to products that will still matter tomorrow?

  • Strijp-S | Secrid - Secrid Talent Podium
    The Secrid Talent Podium is part of a movement of designers who are opting to make better, instead of just more products.

  • Centre | Koning Willem I College - Spin Off / Sustainability of Traditions
    Students from various programs at Koning Willem I College collaborate with external clients. In the design processes, sustainability and traditions are paramount, translated into interactive presentations and performances in the Heuvel.

  • Strijp-S | Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie - Stimuleringsfonds presents Talent
    Every year, thanks to a grant from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, emerging design talents get the chance to develop to their full artistic and professional potential. Meet the 2023 batch.

  • Strijp-S | ROSE academy - Visual Storytellers
    Visual Storytellers responds to the need for young creatives, with a unique signature, background story and vision, to show innovative work in the field of design, art and digital culture.