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DDW routes: let us guide you!

08 October 2023

© Kazerne - DDW22 - Boudewijn Bollmann
As of this year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) introduces ten programme narratives that help make the best possible matches between the participating designers and visitors. DDW has established missions and design perspectives as a framework for the programme and activities during the week, as well as for the routes.

The ten routes curated by the DDW team help you navigate through one of the ten program lines. In addition to providing thematic alignment throughout the week, routes also offer direction. This way, you can explore specific themes, from the creations of fresh and young talents to innovations by highly experienced makers. Beyond showcasing a wide variety of work, these routes also introduce you to the diverse range of DDW locations. You choose one of the routes, we will be your guide along the way!



For a healthy planet, designs must enhance, or at least not interfere with the natural power of the earth. Projects that focus on topics including agriculture, circularity, biobased construction, water, energy, eco-centred design, and material development.

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Designing our living environment, mobility, and the materials we use to make them means shaping our own quality of life. The layout of our cities, public spaces, buildings, and mobility solutions has an enormous influence on the way we live together. Projects in the fields of architecture, materials, the design of public space, living and working.

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Within the mission Boosting our HEALTH & WELLBEING, the future of our healthcare and a wide range of well-being aspects are addressed. Designs focused on structurally improving our quality of life – from our food to healthcare and personal well-being – and contributing to the most valuable thing we have: our health.

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Achieving our EQUAL SOCIETY

To achieve an equal society, we must (re)design systems and interactions that value everyone equally. Safety, inclusivity and connection are central themes here. Projects that focus on how to interact with each other, with mindsets and methods that are aimed at developing a safe and connected society. 

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Challenging our DIGITAL FUTURE

Our digital realities and future are fully explored and influenced by designers, from virtual worlds to artificial intelligence and from global platforms to individual experience. These projects shed new light on digital technology, virtual and artificial worlds and look ahead at how these technological developments are changing our world.  

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Signature & Collectible Design

Artistic exploration and individual expression are the underlying principles of this design perspective, translated into objects and other expressions that are conceptual or poetic in nature. This route takes you to projects that balance on the cutting edge between art and design. The designers strive for artistic individuality. Is it art or design? Both, or neither?

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Speculative & Social Design

Designers who work from this perspective excel in applying an unexpected mindset and an approach that goes off the beaten track. This takes shape as research by design or the development of (social) interventions. During this route, we introduce you to designers who are exploring the future with investigative, experimental and speculative projects that focus on behaviour and how to influence it.

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Product & Craft Design

Everything we use has been designed. All these products and materials require a huge variety of methods, skills and knowledge. This route shows you tangible products, a wide range of applications and methodologies, production processes, material research and material development, and a renewed love for craftsmanship.

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Service & Innovative Design

Lightning-fast digital and technological developments are raising a host of questions. The answers from designers: groundbreaking concepts and concrete applications. During this route, you will be introduced to pioneering ideas and the newest technologies, and meet designers who both use and reflect on them.

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Independent & Critical Design

There are always designers who cannot be defined. Makers and creators of autonomous and critical work that often reflects on the design profession itself. Get to know the work of designers who present their own vision of what design is or should be and join discussions about independent design and the design field as a whole.

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