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Let’s celebrate the start of Dutch Design Week 2023 together with The New Originals!

12 October 2023

Picture This: just a little while longer until the start of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023! Can you have an opening without a grand party?

On Friday 20 October, from 21:00, you are warmly invited to come, dance and celebrate the start of DDW in the heart of the skate bowl at Area 51! Make sure to wear shoes with good grip (and maybe not your highest heels). Also, don't forget your best moves: The New Originals will lead the way featuring special guests such as Phantom Wizard, Fumez, Sokarekta and TNO Sound. 

DDW Grand Opening Party
Friday 20 October 2023

start: 21:00 
finish: 02:00

Location: AREA 51
Ketelhuisplein 18, Eindhoven

Please note: free entry for all, but subject to capacity so make sure to be on time!