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12 October 2023

© Graduation Show Design Academy - DDW22 - Cleo Goossens
As of this year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) introduces ten programme narratives that help make the best possible matches between the participating designers and visitors. DDW has established missions and design perspectives as a framework for the programme and activities during the week.


In addition to these missions, DDW naturally welcomes group exhibitions: exhibitions from schools and educational institutions to which more than one of the missions or design perspectives applies. Below, you'll find a selection of cluster exhibitions from the DDW23 program.

  • Strijp-S | Multiple (inter)national design academies - Class of 23
    The group exhibition in which both Dutch as international academies present a selection of graduation projects coming from various disciplines. In addition, each academy will highlight a specific topic as part of the ‘Avenue of Fresh Perspectives’.

  • Strijp-S | TU Delft - Industrial Design Engineering - DREAM. DISCOVER. DESIGN.
    TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering students & researchers welcome you to our first of its kind interactive exhibition.

    The Textile and fashion graduate students exhibition 2023, the graduation show of the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, materializes innovative visions of textile and fashion futures.

  • Strijp-S | German Design Council - German Design Graduates
    The exhibition introduces 25 young designers working towards the transformation to a more compatible, just and sustainable society for people and the environment.

  • Centre | Design Academy Eindhoven - Graduation Show 2023
    The Design Academy Eindhoven's Graduation Show is one of the world’s most influential exhibitions of work by new designers. 

  • Sectie-C | Cibap, GLR, HMC, Mediacollege, Nimeto & SintLucas - Groepsexpo creatieve mbo-vakscholen
    Six creative secondary vocational colleges. Linked by their mission to train the professionals of the future. For, by and with creators and makers – and beyond. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

  • Hallenweg | LUCA School of Arts - Interwoven: LUCA meets LUCA
    For the first time, students from Luca School of Arts Ghent (textile design) and Genk (productdesign) come together and have their work intertwine.

  • Strijp-S | Lund University School of Industrial Design - Liminal Spaces
    A group of MA students from Lund University School of Industrial Design explored the chimerical in design, while another explored sensor technology with industry partner Sigma Connectivity. Both groups found surprising overlaps, and both projects informed each other.

  • Centre | Koning Willem I College - Spin Off / Sustainability of Traditions
    Students from various programs at Koning Willem I College collaborate with external clients. In the design processes, sustainability and traditions are paramount, translated into interactive presentations and performances in the Heuvel.

  • Strijp-S | Eindhoven University of Technology - TU/e Drivers of Change
    TU/e is home to changemakers and innovators. Our bright minds, passionate researchers and designers are changing the world. Be amazed.