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Catawiki Celebrates Contemporary Design with Auction During Dutch Design Week

21 October 2023

© Ten thousand drops, machine & vases — Studio Joachim-Morineau
Dutch Design Week (DDW) and leading auction platform Catawiki are joining forces again to celebrate contemporary design. As part of this partnership, Dutch Design Week curates an online auction with Catawiki, running from 21 to 29 October on its website.

We have selected a small group of DDW participants for this auction; a mix of already established designers and fresh creators. The work of this group is a strong representation of the event and will be presented and auctioned on Catawiki.

The Catawiki & Dutch Design Week Auction runs from 21 - 29 October and can be followed live on

Selected Designers

Dutch Design Week and Catawiki selected 21 designers to participate in the auction: 

  • Laura Schurink
  • Maarten Baptist
  • Marc Meeuwissen
  • Mina Abouzahra
  • Nonna Hoogland
  • Olivier van der Mark & Sanne Kaal
  • Ontwerpduo
  • Pierre Castignola
  • Puck Groot
  • Rik van Veen
  • Rollo Bryant
  • Simone Post
  • Sjang Niederwieser
  • Studio Claudy Jongstra
  • Studio Joachim-Morineau
  • Studio Thier & van Daalen
  • UAU studio
  • Yochiya

They each have at least two contemporary design objects for sale.