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Dutch Design Week | Day 3

22 October 2023

© DDW23 - Max Kneefel
Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023 day three is just around the corner! What's in store? Check out the exciting lineup of activities, exhibitions and hidden gems you absolutely need on your radar.

Happening on 23 October

DDW at Night

  • Strijp-S area - Ketelhuisplein | SUBBAR | The Bar
    Starting at 17:00 - Free access
© Strijp-S - Ketelhuisplein - SUBBAR - The Bar - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

Hidden gem

  • Other area - Pennings Foundation | Noud Sleumer | Culturalized Wind Power
    How can wind turbines become our new national monuments?

Discover the full programme

© Other area - Pennings Foundation - Noud Sleumer - Culturalized Wind Power - DDW23 -

In the very first area recap, we'll give you a quick overview of vibrant Strijp-S. Don't want to miss a thing? Explore the full programme at Strijp-S.

Watch the area recap video

© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

From producing more to producing better

Secrid gives the stage to talented designers and supports them in developing products that contribute to a sustainable future. In this way we are building a movement, to help shift the focus of industry from producing more to producing better

Discover the Secrid Talent Podium

Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Secrid Talent Podium - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

Discover the map

Curious about the different areas, venues, and where to find which programme narrative? Unfold the map! Grab a paper version at one of the ticket counters or take a look online.

Take a look at the map online